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Sustainable resources. If you treat the resource well it will treat you well.

We know sustainable. Proven results since 1991.

Who We Are

Managing Tropical Forests

Since 1991 we’ve been investing in and managing large-scale tropical forests to maintain and improve the quality of the forest, improve the quality of life of people we work with, and generate financial returns for investors.

What We Do

Classical forestry in natural tropical forests and in plantations. Sustainable principles. Forest Stewardship Council certified manufacturing and forest management operations. Unique and unwavering focus on natural forest management and forest products processing and marketing. Transparency and trustworthiness in all aspects of our business.

Join Us!

We are passionate about sustainability and making the world right. An international, multi-cultural team. We know our stuff. Intrigued? 

The Team

The international team works in partnership with the local group to localize SFS’ approach to each specific culture and ecosystem.

Contact Us
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