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Humans created the problem. Humans can create the solution.

Sustainable Forest Systems combines the three principles of improving resources, quality of life, and providing investor returns with one operating tenet: Treat people as we want to be treated.


In tropical countries where the rule of law may be only sporadically enforced, this golden rule works remarkably well and helps protect the forest while simultaneously providing opportunity for people living near the forest.


SFS has used those operating principles successfully in Paraguay and Bolivia and we expect to work in places like Brazil and other tropical areas.


One of the most heartening aspects of working in places like Paraguay, Bolivia, and other tropical countries is that the formula actually works. People want to do good, they are proud of their work, they are proud of their forests, and they really like doing business honestly and transparently.

Right Livlihood

Importantly, we engage local people so that they have a livelihood tied to the forest. What works in a dry tropical forest may differ from what works in a moist tropical forest. For example, we employed local residents in forest measurement and research in the Chiquitana forest in Bolivia; in Brazil, we’ll use access to minor forest products (like Brazil nuts) as potential livelihood. In some areas, forest management for timber may be non-existent, replaced by management for non-timber forest products.

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